The proposed research is structured around three technical objectives and one management objective.

  1.  To synthesise at molecular and nanoscale level tailor-made, so called ‘nano-coolants’ having optimal rheological properties, i.e. shear thinning, elasticity, normal-stress differences and nanoparticle characteristics (material, size and concentration) and aiming to maximise their thermal and flow performance.
  2. To design Linear Vortex Generators (LVG) inducing motion patterns in submerged-cooling BTMSs that decisively enhance their cooling effectiveness through bespoke heat-transfer and flow measurements.
  3. To incorporate the newly-developed cooling fluids and flow motion concepts in a prototype/novel BTMS and quantify its advantages in terms of cooling efficiency over conventional ones. 
  4. Management of the project and dissemination of the research findings to academia and industry.